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Stuffed Lobster Tails

Stuffed Lobster Tails
One of my favorite holidays has finally arrived and the smell of cooking warmed my heart on Thanksgiving day. I have been waiting since the beginning of the month to cook and eat some really good comforting food. This has been somewhat of a busy year for both the fiancé and I with starting new beginnings, yet it is more of a reason to feel so grateful.
Our menu this year consisted of a smoked turkey, roast beef, collard greens, baked lobster mac and cheese, stuffed lobster and stuffing. I think that was enough for two people to eat. The fiancé did a fantastic job on that smoked turkey…like WOW! I seasoned the turkey breast the night before while I also added his famous garlic and olive oil mixture. To top it off along with the seasoning was to drizzle melted butter all over the turkey. Let me tell you, combined with the olive oil garlic, and smoke taste from the grill gave this turkey so much flavor. I hope that we do this again next year. Those delicious lobsters really topped it all off for our Thanksgiving dinner menu.
Lobsters can be somewhat time consuming. However, once you get the logistics of the lobster technique it gets better and so worth it. The fiancé made his own boil with lemon and other spices for boiling the lobster tails. Then, he made the seafood stuffing mixture with oysters, shrimp and yellow rice.
I will confess that this was the first time that I have eaten stuffed lobster. What other time to cook or try something new than on Thanksgiving. The time of year where you are allowed to break some holiday dinner traditions. Well, we just did! I’m looking forward to doing something new and different for Thanksgiving every year from now on.
Hoped you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. Ate good food, drinks and was able to take time to reflect on all things you encountered this year.
Vanessa, The Creole Flamingo

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  • Loving your post Loving you and loving life, The best part of this was spending time away from work to be with you I will and forever be indebted to you. Continue to work hard on your Blog and great things will come about.
    -The Fiancé

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