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Writing Break, Bridal Shower and Marriage, Oh My!

Writing Break, Bridal Shower and Marriage, Oh My!

I have a confession to make and that is I have been on a long writing hiatus from my The Creole Flamingo blog. Usually, when I have a long hiatus from writing anything, it’s pretty much when other things in my life needs top priority. The last time I took a long hiatus like this was back in the year of 2013-2014 with a previous blog that I had, and all of my creativity for that one went out the window. At that time, I was in the process of completing my college studies to get my bachelor’s degree. Then, I knew I wanted to start my journey into writing again but didn’t know what direction I wanted to take. I definitely knew that blogging fell into that equation since that is what I enjoy doing. Wanting to build a connection with others online while writing about the things that I love.

Fast forward to 2016 up to now in 2017, and I developed this blog, The Creole Flamingo. Honestly, this has been the best one yet for me to share my passion of creating flavorful recipes. Much to my liking is this crazy writing break happened in late summer. Why? I had to figure out this whole wedding planning and get that pieced together for my wedding to happen in one piece on October 7th. I was basically my own wedding planner. If I wasn’t reaching out to folks who was helping me to coordinate the decorating, then it was getting things figured out with the vendors. Then, we had to go back home to Louisiana for Labor Day weekend for my bridal shower, then back to Tennessee to pick up pieces again with wedding planning. If I wasn’t literally doing something each day for wedding details, then I was thinking about it. Only got enough sleep at night to save some of my sanity. For the most part I was up in the wee hours, figuring things out.

Thankfully, I survived and had my beautiful fall wedding on October 7th. Last week, we rented a cabin and stayed in the Smokey Mountains in Sevierville, Tennessee. We spent time in beautiful downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee for our honeymoon.


Picture above is at our wedding reception.


Downtown Gatlinburg, TN

Ya’ll weeks leading up to the wedding and then the week of was either quick meals or eating out…so unhealthy. I missed home cooked meals. I will also confess that I did try out some recipes and did some cooking before life got a little crazy. That was before this little writing hiatus started in late summer. I will be sharing all of those yummy recipes in the coming days and weeks. So please stay tuned to The Creole Flamingo!


Vanessa, The Creole Flamingo


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