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The Big Move



You know, moving to a new home is a process and one that I typically dread. I just moved into a new rental home with my fiance. We were anticipating moving into a new home because it was all we talked about since last year right around the holidays. However, once February went by and then March it was time to really act fast to find a rental house. This caused us to act drastic when I finally received my lease renewal notice. We preferred a rental house versus continuing to live in an apartment because we wanted to have more space. Not to mention just having more freedom of living in a house rather having restraints of an apartment community. Let’s just say that I was really over the whole apartment living. We also liked the idea of having a home with a yard and just having that experience of living in a house. More than likely, within a year or two we will definitely invest in buying a home versus renting again.

This move though is like no other for me! When my fiancé and I signed our lease, then got our new living room and dining room furniture delivered that weekend. I was like, let’s move and stay. I loved our new three bedroom house and now that we had new furniture, my fiance already knew that I wanted to move in right away. So, that he did on Sunday at least to move the bed and a couple of other pieces of furniture to the new house. I just could not think of staying another night in my apartment. Nothing was packed away in boxes, everything was just left out the way it was in the apartment prior to getting the new house. Basically, we pretty much got up and put things in boxes and bags as we went. Stressful, yes and even more when you do it the way we did this for a week now. The fiance mentioned that we were moving as if we got evicted, but that pretty much sums it up. However, I did not get evicted we just have time up until early June to move out everything from the apartment. We have been in the new house for a week now and my nine-year old cat, Phoebe is settling in with us and discovering her new home.

My favorite thing after moving and unpacking is not only having a new beginning in a new place, but the fun part of organizing and decorating. I love it! Having Pinterest boards to use as my guide for inspiration is even more exciting. I can now jump start on projects for each room in the new house. The fiance is excited to begin tackling his own home projects such as planting his garden, getting a grill, picking out patio furniture and among other things. I know he will also become busy around the house soon.

I am so looking forward to this summer where we can just enjoy our new home. All of my creative inspirations, current home projects and experimenting with recipes will all be showcased here. I am so excited about this new venture and cannot wait to share it all on The Creole Flamingo.


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