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I am still recovering from our Labor Day weekend getaway to Atlanta, GA. It was a much needed mini-vacay to just take a mental break from practically everything that needed our attention. The fiancé and I pretty much went with the flow of what we both wanted to do for the whole weekend while in Atlanta. We stayed in Deluth, GA which is a 30-minute drive east of ATL. We dined at some different restaurants, some sightseeing at Atlantic Station area and of course some shopping. But, visiting the IKEA store was definitely a must! It is one of my favorite stores, and my fiance’s first time visiting. Trust me when I say that he got the whole IKEA experience.  I guess you probably wondering, “What is it like to have the IKEA experience?”

Let me break it down for you guys since this was my second visit at the Atlanta store. When you enter into the store on the first floor, you will see a kiosk to sign up for their rewards program called IKEA Family. You can choose when completing your sign up to have the kiosk print you a member card. Sometimes they’ll have perks like getting free coffee or tea at the IKEA cafeteria or even getting a percentage discount on some items.

Next, is going upstairs to the second floor where the cafeteria is located. I would suggest to get some nom-nom in your belly first, especially if you want to get a taste of some Scandinavian or American food. This is also the same floor where all of the IKEA showrooms are located. Usually an associate will greet you and hand you a floor map, along with a pencil to jot down what you want to purchase. Pretty much all of the furnitures are packaged in boxes for the customer to pick up on the first floor. Now, this is where the whole experience part comes into play because you may be having all kinds of levels of excitement, by wanting everything and then you start to feel overwhelmed of all that IKEA offers. But by then, you know reality hits and you can only decide on what you can actually afford. It’s best to have a main goal of what you need more than wants. I think that there is something for everyone at IKEA no matter what your decor style or personality pertains to. Not to mention that they can remodel any room in your home no matter the square footage by contracting through their home remodel services.

Then you will proceed to the first floor where there are grocery carts waiting to be put to use. They just know that all of the cheap textiles will woo over customers to fill their carts, and then pick up their boxes on the way to the check out registers. Check this out, we even got a coupon from the clerk in the cafeteria to use and save $20 off of your $140 or more purchase. I’m thinking as to how in the world did IKEA just knew that we would be make an appearance on Labor Day weekend to get some stuff that apparently we needed for our house. Oh, that would add up to over $100, so yes we did you use that $20 coupon. Clever, clever IKEA!

The goal was that I wanted to find some items to place in my home office and smaller items for the house. The home office is one of the rooms in the new house that “we” or shall I say “me” been converting into a storage room.

This year, the best way for us to spend our Labor Day holiday from our jobs is catching up on a home project. The pictures below currently depicts how my home office is coming along. Of course, after we moved some things around.

The lamp, black and white rug, as well as the 5-shelf bookcase were all purchased at IKEA. The colors that I want for my home office are black, white and gold. I have other ideas to add pieces in the room! Getting curtains as well as adding more decor pieces are next on my project list. Also, getting the fiance to put up some of my pictures on the wall. I will be sharing more follow up pictures on my black and gold home office soon. Stay tuned!

I am adding the items that are shown in my office in case you’re interested in purchasing in store or ordering these items from IKEA’s website (www.ikea.com):

Black work lamp:  Fersa $19.99

Black bookcase:  Finny bookcase $29.99

Rug:  Gorlose rug $19.99

{Side note: Not all items are available to order on IKEA’s website but rather purchasing directly in the store}.




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