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Flamingo Kitchen & Cooking Tips

Flamingo Kitchen & Cooking Tips

I wanted to create a weekly post specifically for Flamingo Kitchen & Cooking Tips which is about making life easier in your kitchen. I don’t know about my Flamingo followers, but I like to simplify things as much as possible especially when it comes to cooking. So, I got you! Whatever little hacks that I’ve learned will be shared here each week. I want everyone to fall in love with hacks and the kitchen is the place where it can be the most useful. Sometimes, finding out about a new trick and putting it into action will help along the way. I plan to have a weekly post to highlight a kitchen tip. Also, I have exciting news of making Flamingo Kitchen & Cooking Tips an open post for all of my Flamingo followers. Currently accepting submissions of your kitchen and cooking tips that will be listed weekly right here on The Creole Flamingo.

My tip for the week is kitchen prepping that includes pre-chopping your vegetables and freezing them. I like to do this after going to the grocery store and buying all of the vegetables like onions, bell peppers and celery. Chopping them all and freezing them is a life saver! This helps so much with recipes since it’s easier to measure how much to use. I learned this trick from my second mom (my step-mom).  She would always chop her yellow onions and bell peppers and store them in freezer bags. Also, I usually write on the bag the date I chopped my onions and bell peppers. I always keep a Sharpie marker handy. You will find a Sharpie in my kitchen drawer.

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Looking forward to your kitchen and cooking tips!

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