Wedding Planning: One Year Away

Just six months ago, I got engaged to the love of my life and on October 7 made it exactly one year away from our wedding day which is October 7, 2017 taken place where we live here in Nashville, TN. I wish that I could have the wedding back home in Louisiana, preferably either… Continue reading Wedding Planning: One Year Away


Fall Home Decor Ideas

It’s almost that the time of year again when the leaves will be changing to those beautiful foliage colors. From green leaves to dark green, brown, red, orange and yellow while the leaves fall off the trees to whisking away in the wind all over the ground. This is one of my all time favorite… Continue reading Fall Home Decor Ideas

Vegetarian Cooking

Quinoa Chili

I fell in love with making this dish, from prepping the ingredients to putting it all together. I love, love chili! Especially a hearty bowl of it with either corn chips, tortilla chips or the multi-color tortilla strips to put on top of the chili. Chili is just full of flavor goodness and oh so… Continue reading Quinoa Chili

A Ha Moment

Home Office Project

I am still recovering from our Labor Day weekend getaway to Atlanta, GA. It was a much needed mini-vacay to just take a mental break from practically everything that needed our attention. The fiancé and I pretty much went with the flow of what we both wanted to do for the whole weekend while in… Continue reading Home Office Project

A Ha Moment

The Big Move

You know, moving to a new home is a process and one that I typically dread. I just moved into a new rental home with my fiancé, Darnnell. We were anticipating moving into a new home because it was all we talked about since last year right around the holidays. However, once February went by and then March it was time to really act fast to find a rental house. [shareaholic app="share_buttons" id=""]